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Our rental tables are the versatile and essential elements for creating a comfortable and inviting space for your event. Whether it's an elegant wedding reception, a corporate conference, or a lively celebration, our high-quality rental tables offer the perfect foundation for your gathering.


Enhance the comfort and style of your event with our exceptional rental chairs. Whether you're hosting a wedding, conference, or any special gathering, our diverse selection of rental chairs offers the ideal seating solution for any occasion.


Create a captivating outdoor space for your event with Music City Event Pros' Tent Rentals. Our diverse range of tents accommodates any occasion, from weddings to corporate gatherings. Ensure your guests are sheltered in style, with our high-quality tents adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor event.

Mini Golf Rentals Nashville

Mini Golf

Portable mini golf rentals bring the joy of a classic pastime to your event, offering a unique and entertaining experience for players of all ages. Imagine a whimsical, customizable course with vibrant obstacles and challenging putting greens that can be set up virtually anywhere, from backyard parties to corporate functions.

Bounce House Rentals Nashville

Bounce Houses

With a variety of themes and sizes available, bounce houses cater to different preferences and party themes. Create a festive atmosphere at your event with the cheerful laughter and delightful smiles that inevitably accompany the presence of a bounce house. Bounce houses are the entry way into the world of inflatable bouncing fun!

Slide Rentals Nashville

Water Slides (Dry/Wet)

Picture a vibrant inflatable slide towering over the festivities, beckoning adventure-seekers to climb up and experience the exhilarating descent. Ideal for birthday parties, summer picnics, and community gatherings, slide rentals add an extra dimension of fun to your celebration. Dry Slide or Water Slides!

Obstacle Course Rentals Nashville TN

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle course rentals bring the thrill of adventure and friendly competition to your event, turning any gathering into an exhilarating experience. Imagine a vibrant, inflatable playground featuring tunnels, slides, and challenging obstacles that will test participants' agility and endurance. Get ready to run, jump and dive!

Combo Bouncers

Combo bounce house rentals offer the ultimate in inflatable entertainment, combining the best elements of a traditional bounce house with additional features for added excitement. Imagine a vibrant and spacious inflatable structure featuring not only a bouncing area but also built-in slides, climbing walls, and interactive elements.

Mechanical Rides

Mechanical ride rentals promise the thrill of the carnival right at your event, offering an adrenaline-pumping experience for participants of all ages. From classic mechanical bulls to spinning teacups and rocking pirate ships, these rides provide an exciting and memorable addition to any celebration.

Inflatable Sports Games

Soccer Darts, Basketball Shooter, Batter Up! Those are just a few of the inflatable games we offer. If you need to entertain large crowds, we have the largest variety of inflatable games to choose from for your event!

Carnival Games

From classic ring toss and can smash to modern interactive games, the options are diverse and cater to various skill levels. Imagine the joy as participants try their luck to win prizes, fostering a lively and competitive atmosphere.

Giant Games Rentals Nashville

Giant Games

Giant game rentals elevate the fun factor at any gathering, transforming ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. Imagine oversized versions of your favorite classic games, such as giant Jenga, Connect Four, or chess, creating a playful and interactive atmosphere for players of all ages.

Cash Cube

Elevate your event with Cash Cube Rentals! Engage guests in an exhilarating money-grabbing experience. Step into the cube, grab as much swirling cash as you can, and turn any occasion into a thrilling and unforgettable celebration!

Arcade and Game Rentals

Level up your event with Arcade and Game Rentals! From classic arcades to exciting interactive games, we provide endless entertainment. Transform any gathering into a gaming haven, ensuring laughter and competition for all. Game on!

Dunk Tank

Dive into fun with Dunk Tank Rentals! Add a splash to your event as participants take aim to dunk their favorite target. It's the perfect way to cool off and create lasting memories. Make a splash at your next gathering!

Interactive Inflatables and Games

Transform your event into an interactive adventure with our range of Interactive Inflatables! From obstacle courses to jousting arenas, these inflatables engage participants in friendly competition, fostering laughter and excitement. Create a dynamic and entertaining atmosphere that captivates guests of all ages at your memorable gathering.

Toddler Inflatable Rentals Nashville

Toddler Inflatables

Toddler inflatable rentals bring boundless joy and adventure to the littlest partygoers. Designed with safety and fun in mind, these inflatable wonders offer a colorful and interactive playground for toddlers to explore, imagine and enjoy the party!

Foam Machine Rentals

Turn any event into a foam-filled fiesta with our Foam Machine Rentals! Whether it's a summer party, festival, or unique celebration, our foam machines add an element of fun and surprise. Create a playful atmosphere as guests dance and revel in the magical foam, making memories that last a lifetime.

Concession Machine Rentals Nashville

Concession Rentals

Concession machine rentals add a delicious and festive flair to any event, turning ordinary gatherings into culinary celebrations. Picture the aroma of freshly popped popcorn, the sweet scent of cotton candy, or the irresistible allure of freshly spun snow cones.

Mini Golf Obstacles

Enhance your mini-golf experience with Additional Mini Golf Obstacles for rent! Elevate your course by adding unique challenges like loop-de-loops, tunnels, and ramps. These customizable obstacles bring extra excitement to every putt, making your mini-golf rental course an engaging and memorable attraction for all participants.

Generator Rentals

Generator rentals are the power-packed solution for ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted event experience. Whether you're planning an outdoor wedding, a construction site, or an emergency backup plan, these reliable machines provide a steady and dependable source of electricity.