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Music City Event Pros has earned a reputation for being the go-to source for event rentals that redefine entertainment. Our bounce houses are not just inflatable structures; they are gateways to boundless enjoyment, providing a safe and exhilarating environment for children and adults alike. We serve all School, Church, Corporate, and Residential events in Middle Tennessee and beyond! Our most frequented cities are Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Spring Hill and Thompson’s Station just to name a few!

Rainbow Castle

Jump into a world of vibrant fun with our Rainbow Castle Bounce House! This inflatable wonderland brings joy to any event. Kids can bounce, play, and let their imaginations soar within the colorful walls of this castle. Create a magical experience for the little ones!

Bounce House Rentals Nashville

Skid Loader

Rev up the excitement with our Skid Loader Bounce House! Kids can jump, bounce, and explore in this construction-themed inflatable wonder. Featuring a playful skid loader design, it adds an extra layer of fun to any event, providing hours of energetic entertainment for little adventurers.


Embark on a swashbuckling adventure with our Pirate Bounce House! This inflatable treasure trove is perfect for young buccaneers. Bounce, slide, and imagine sailing the high seas with a pirate crew. Add a splash of excitement to your event with this thrilling and themed inflatable attraction!

Ice Cream Shop

Scoop up the fun with our Ice Cream Bounce House! This sweet-themed inflatable delight is a treat for kids at any event. Bounce, jump, and indulge in a world of whimsical ice cream delights. Turn your gathering into a joyful and delicious experience with this delightful inflatable attraction!

Pumpkin Bounce House Rental


Fall into festive fun with our Pumpkin Bounce House! This autumn-inspired inflatable is perfect for harvest celebrations. Kids can jump, bounce, and explore within the charming pumpkin walls. Create a seasonal and playful atmosphere at your event with this delightful inflatable attraction!


Gobble up the excitement with our Turkey Bounce House! This festive and whimsical inflatable is perfect for Thanksgiving celebrations. Kids can bounce, skip, and enjoy the holiday spirit within the colorful turkey-themed walls. Add a dash of joy to your event with this delightful inflatable attraction!

Nashville Bounce House Rentals

Transform your Nashville event into a bouncing success with Music City Event Pros’ premium bounce house rentals. Our vibrant and safe inflatables offer a fun-filled haven for kids of all ages, perfect for birthdays, family gatherings, and community events. Choose from a variety of themes and sizes, ensuring a customized experience for your celebration. With easy setup and a focus on safety, Music City Event Pros delivers top-notch bounce house rentals to make your event unforgettable. Elevate the excitement, laughter, and joy at your gathering—book your Music City bounce house rental today! Did we mention that you can book your event from start to finish online? To get started, press the “Get A Quote” button on any page, fill out your information, select your rental items, sign the contract and pay the deposit and the event is reserved for you!