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Combo Rentals bring a world of excitement and variety to any event. These versatile inflatables combine the thrill of bouncing with engaging elements like climbing walls and slides, creating an all-encompassing play experience. Whether it’s a tropical adventure, a prehistoric journey with dinosaurs, or a sports-themed arena, combo rentals cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, or community gatherings, these inflatables add an element of fun and entertainment that appeals to all ages. With safety features like reinforced seams and secure netting, combo rentals ensure a worry-free play environment, making them a popular choice for creating unforgettable moments at any celebration. Elevate your event with the dynamic and immersive experience that combo rentals bring, turning any occasion into a play-filled adventure.  We serve all School, Church, Corporate, and Residential events in Middle Tennessee and beyond! Our most frequented cities are Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Spring Hill and Thompson’s Station just to name a few!


Dive into a tropical paradise of bouncing, climbing, and sliding. This vibrant inflatable oasis captivates with its island-inspired design, offering a delightful and immersive play experience for young adventurers.

Mega Marble

Step into a world of mega-sized fun! This inflatable marvel combines bouncing, climbing, and sliding in a vibrant marble-themed setting, offering a colossal and exciting play experience for kids.

T-Rex Dinosaur

Roar into prehistoric fun! This colossal inflatable adventure features bouncing, climbing, and sliding amidst towering T-Rex imagery, creating an engaging play space that sparks the imagination of budding paleontologists.

Combo Bounce House Rentals Nashville


Score big with the Sports Combo! This dynamic inflatable arena blends various sports-themed activities, including bouncing, climbing, and sliding, creating an action-packed play space that caters to young sports enthusiasts.

Mega Retro

Experience nostalgia in a mega way! This inflatable wonder brings retro vibes to life with bouncing, climbing, and sliding in a colorful and vibrant setting, offering a multi-sensory journey through a retro-inspired world.

Circus Train

All aboard the Circus Train! This whimsical inflatable adventure captures the magic of the circus with bouncing, climbing, and sliding amidst vibrant circus-themed graphics, creating an enchanting play space under the big top.

Candy House

Enter a world of sweetness! This delightful inflatable features bouncing, climbing, and sliding amidst candy-inspired graphics, creating a sugary wonderland for young ones to explore and play in.

Princess Castle

DRY ONLY! Sparkle and play in the Princess Castle! This enchanting inflatable adventure invites young royalty to bounce, climb, and slide amidst regal designs, creating a magical play space fit for little princes and princesses.

Princess Teapot Party

Join the royal tea party! This whimsical inflatable features bouncing, climbing, and sliding amidst princess-themed elements, offering a delightful play experience for little ones to partake in a princess tea celebration.

Nashville Combo Inflatable Rentals

Elevate your Nashville event with our diverse range of Combo Inflatable Rentals! Whether you’re hosting a tropical-themed bash, a prehistoric adventure, or a mega-sized retro party, we’ve got the perfect inflatable combo to suit your theme. Our rentals include sports arenas, circus trains, candy houses, and more, ensuring a dynamic and engaging play experience for all ages. From the iconic T-Rex Dinosaur Combo to the whimsical Princess Teapot Party, our Nashville-based rental service brings inflatable fun to your doorstep, turning any gathering into a memorable and exciting celebration for everyone in Music City. Add a touch of bounce, climb, and slide magic to your event with our Combo Inflatable Rentals in Nashville, TN! Did we mention that you can book your event from start to finish online? To get started, press the “Get A Quote” button on any page, fill out your information, select your rental items, sign the contract and pay the deposit and the event is reserved for you!