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Music City Event Pros offers generator rentals to meet different event needs. Our standard generators provide reliable power for various events, ensuring a seamless experience. On the other hand, the quiet generators are perfect for occasions where noise levels need to be minimized, maintaining a peaceful atmosphere without compromising on power supply. Whether you’re organizing a lively outdoor church event or a serene outdoor wedding, Music City Event Pros has generator rental options to suit your specific requirements.


Our Standard Generators can power up to 3 inflatables at a time! The standard generator is fairly loud, if noise is a concern at your event, please consider our quiet generator rental for your event needs! The decibel range is estimated at 80-100dB, all options are based on availability for your event!



Our Quiet Generators can run up to 3 inflatables at a time! If you do not have power within 100' of your event set up location, please choose between our standard or quiet generator for your event! This generator IS NOT silent, but is MUCH quieter than the standard option! The estimated dB range is 50-70dB.


Nashville Generator Rentals

Power up your event with Music City Event Pros’ Generator Rentals. Ensure a seamless and reliable power supply for various occasions, from outdoor weddings to corporate functions. Our generators are equipped to meet your specific needs, providing a dependable source of energy to keep your event running smoothly. Trust us for efficient and high-quality generator rentals that guarantee uninterrupted power for a successful and worry-free experience. Whether it’s an outdoor concert, festival, or a wedding in a remote location, our generators ensure a steady and efficient power source. Trust in our reliable equipment to keep the lights on, music playing, and festivities going strong throughout your entire event. With a range of options tailored to your needs, we make powering your occasion seamless and hassle-free. Choose Music City Event Pros for a generator rental that guarantees a dependable energy supply for an unforgettable event.